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From simple porch additions on the front of your home to a full farmer’s porch covering all four sides of your house, we are the porch builders that you can trust. We have years of experience in building porches in the Grand Rapids area, and you can trust us with all of your porch needs.

Whether it is at the front of your home, the back, or around the sides, our professionals know exactly what is needed to bring your house to life. The best part is that it will also add value to your home. Or, the best part could be the freedom you get to enjoy outside of your home.

If you find that you have some unused space around your home, and don’t know what to do with it, a porch could be the perfect addition. Porches are great when you do not have a lot of room to build in and want something a little more enclosed than a deck.

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Why Every Home Should Have A Porch

When we say that every home should have a porch, we mean it.

A porch is a great way to enjoy the space outside of your home, and also provides a welcoming area for your guests, and for you to take off muddy boots and shoes. A porch will give you storage space, and an even platform to surround your home with plants, decorations, and other embellishments.

Porches are also great for socializing. A well-built porch is a great area to host people, and it is also a way to connect with those in your community. Let’s bring back the days when you can sit out on your front porch and shout howdy to your neighbors.

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At Grand Rapids Decks, our goal is to build decks in GR and surrounding Grand Rapids metro areas.

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1. With decades of experience, we’ve seen it all when it comes to deck building and can handle anything.
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3. Nobody is more experienced at building outdoor living spaces for the whole family.

Types Of Porches

When it comes to porches, you are not only bound by a porch on the front of your home, although those are popular. You can stick with that simple design, or extend a porch around your home, adding enclosures and screens.

Front Porches

Front porches are the most popular type of porch and for good reason. They create a quaint and welcoming look when added to the front of your home, and a well-built porch will only increase the value of your house (and you can trust us to build a beautiful porch).

As professional porch builders, front porches are our bread and butter, and we are seeing more and more farmer’s porches. These simple porches have an enclosure to keep the rain off while remaining open. They also have decorative supports that add to the overall beauty of the porch.

A front porch can be as simple or as complicated as you like but, no matter how much you put into it, it is a great way to welcome people into your home, and will create a lasting impression.

Use the porch as a place to provide extra storage, embellish it with decorative plants and ornaments, or add a porch swing and some furniture to create a social area. The options for a front porch are endless.

Screened Porches

All houses would benefit from having a porch installed, but not all areas agree with an open porch. If you live in an area where there are a lot of bugs, especially in hot humid climates, then a screened porch is the way to go.

A screened porch will allow you to enjoy the cool air in the evening (or at any time of the day) without having to worry about mosquitoes, wasps, or any other creatures. The screens keep the small (and large) bugs out while letting the air circulate around your home.

Screens are also a great addition if you have other wildlife in the area. A screen will stop a bird from nesting in the roof of your porch and will stop critters from crawling in and making a home in your storage areas.

A porch with screens, though not a security feature, will deter would-be criminals, and it does not obscure your view. For any other questions about screened porches, call our friendly sales staff for a free consultation.

Back Porches

Not everyone has the room to add a front porch to their home, and some people would rather keep the front as it is, especially if it has unique selling features. Well, we, your professional porch builders, have a solution. A back porch.

A back porch is just like a front porch, except it is on the back of your house instead of the front. A back porch is also ideal if you do not have room in the front of your home, but you do on the back. When a deck won’t fit, a porch will.

A back porch gives you somewhere to sit outside but gives you a little more privacy. If you want to sit on your porch swing in the evening, but do not want to see the neighbors walking by, then a back porch will give you that privacy.

If your back porch is also connected to your kitchen, it makes it a great place to entertain. With more character than a deck, a porch can provide an intimate setting for you and your guests.

Wraparound Porches

For the ultimate in porches, the wraparound porch is the way to go. If you have the room and want to set your home apart from everyone else’s, then a wraparound porch covering all four sides of your house is going to give a rustic charm that you would normally find in the old west or on the prairies.

Wraparound porches give you endless options. You can have the porch extend around two sides on your home, the front and one other side, for example, or you can wrap all sides with a porch.

This type of porch gives you a lot of space, the more sides you install a porch on, the more space you have. It can also give you the best of both worlds. If you want a place to hang out and chat with the neighbors, but also a place to find some privacy with guests, then a wraparound porch is for you.

Embellish with decorative supports for a country feel, or add screens for extra protection. With lots of space, you can add storage, porch furniture, and more. The options are endless.

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